Monsters are the best!!!

Aren’t they adorable?  I love them!  And I enjoy making them too! Now the above are NOT my work, however I am going to share some of my creations as well.  I’m going to be spending some time today working on a monster minion for some of my friends.  I have two friends who I  would like to do something for, and I think these would be ideal!

Plus I need to put some work into Mom’s mermaid.  Love Mom dearly – but if she sees me make something – she wants me to make her something ~ how does that work?  The first things I ever crocheted were quickly appropriated.  The only reason I got to keep my bedspread was that I made it queen sized and all her beds are kings!  I guess it is flattering that she likes my work,  I guess I should take it as a compliment and get over it!

Because I knew I liked making monsters, one of my first creations was actually for her.   I took her by surprise I think ( which is always a clever trick as Mom is a savvy chick!) I told her I had made her something ~she guessed mermaid, which is kinda sad as I had to tell her no.  But then I showed her the fire monster.  I made this with a stuffed form underneath then I hand stitched silk flowers all over it in various flame colors.  One of Mom’s nicknames is Flame, so I thought it fitting.

I did give it eyes so it could see her and its soft and cuddly underneath.  But I purposely gave it no mouth so she could tell it all her secrets without fear of them spreading!  She decided the monster needed a mouth so she got one and sewed it on herself.  Not my fault if the Flame the fire monster tells tales on her…..

Okay – I have to get cracking if I want to get some sewing done – more monsters ahead I promise!!!!


~ by Kim on April 30, 2011.

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