Happy holidaze?

We live in a world where the phrase ‘its a hallmark holiday’ makes sense.  Wikipedia says  its a disparaging term, used predominantly in the US.  Holidays that have been referred to as “Hallmark” include Grandparent’s Day, Sweetest Day, Mother’s Day, Boss’s Day, Secretary’s Day and Fathers’ Day  Some people also consider Valentine’s Day such a day.

So here we are at the beginning of May.  May Day starts it off, though it’s not much celebrated in our world.  Visions of young girls dancing round the maypole with flowers woven into their hair are nice. But now many nations celebrate May 1st as a  Labour Day, a day of political demonstrations and celebrations organised by communists, anarchists, socialists, unionists, and other activist groups.  Hmm, from vestal virgins to Norma Rae…..

Now today is another holiday.  Cinco De Mayo, which of course means the fifth of May.  This isn’t a hallmark holiday~ more a Jose Cuervo one!  And though its widely celebrated here in the States, it’s not a big deal in Mexico.  Sort of how St Patricks day is a more religious holiday in Ireland, whereas here in the States we paint the town with green dyed beer.

Now  we come to the BIG daddy of holidays.. or I should say Big Mamma!  Mothers Day.  A day for every boy & girl to go out and buy their maternal unit a card, to be served with runny eggs, cold dry toast and seedy orange juice.  Do you have to give a present?  Is there a good or bad one?  I grew up without these traditions so I’m always at a bit of a loss.

Whats your favorite holiday?  I’m fond of January first.  I like the idea of taking a day off after running around for a full year.  Plus you have to eat your black eyed peas for luck.  New Years eve can be a lovely party though last year we went to a fave restaurant and had a very enjoyable meal.  YUM!  It was mor fun than a party though I enjoy those as well. I think valentines is fine enough but our anniversary is two weeks later so I would rather celebrate that!  Thanksgiving is such a food holiday – its a big one for me.  I like the chinese new year traditions, different but yummy!!

Well my time upright has come to an end for now – gotta go lay down.  Tell me why your favorite holiday is your favorite?


~ by Kim on May 5, 2011.

One Response to “Happy holidaze?”

  1. Yeah…. most holidays are just for selling cards. I am not to thrilled with them, except that they remind people to care about the ones they love. My son makes a point to see me on Mother’s Day, so, since I don’t get to see him, I’ll take it… lol. Valentine’s Day… a bunch of hooey in my opinion. New Years… I like the reminder to spend time thinking about my goals and achievements and flaws and strengths.. but I certainly don’t buy any cards, or even celebrate. It’s just a time of reflection for me. Christmas… uh…. not! It’s my least favorite holiday… well, ok, I hate it! I just don’t get why people go thru all that. I mean, the religious aspect is one thing, but that’s not what Christmas is about anymore. Actually, I like the idea of Christmas without the gifts, which is basically Thanksgiving… lol…. family together, and just sharing good times and good food.

    Birthdays… yes, definitely a day to celebrate! My favorite holiday! Not mine, but my son’s. I love to celebrate every year, the best day of my life. My husband’s…. glad to celebrate another year of having him with me.
    My mom and dad are dead… boy, I sure wish they were here so I could celebrate their birthdays. I think of them daily anyway, but on their birthdays, I think of them even more…. and my little brother too…. So many years he’s been gone, but always on his birthday I think about him.
    My hubby is a total card-buyer…. lol.. well, he spends so much time picking out the most perfect card, and they say just what I know he would say if he could…. I so appreciate that, so, I guess for him, it’s good.

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