Mama knows best.

My mom is a great lady.  She is also scary and wonderful and all kinds of other things.  Its actually easier to think of her as the person that she is, rather than think of her as my mom if that makes any sense?  An old nickname of hers is very fitting. Flame!

Flame has a few tried and true sayings and beliefs that she has shared with me and some of my lucky friends over the years.  Some are practical and some are fantastical but they are all Flame!  Let me share a few pearls of wisdom with you.

If money can fix it, it ain’t broke.  Mama gets right to the problem and her no nonsense approach really makes you focus on what needs to be done next.  Another favorite gem is You got mad in those pants ~ you can get glad in them which is a lovely way to tell someone to get over themselves!  You can probably guess I didn’t get away with much as a kid!

Now I believe my great grandfather gave her Even a fish wouldn’t get caught if it kept its mouth shut which was probably his reply if ever asked about his past dealings.  He was a character and had plenty of past dealings that could’ve caused him troubles!

Mom has a few that many would think are less practical, but to her they are absolute.  If you are having a bad day then just put on a little more makeup, that’ll help  and yes – she has said this to me when I was in the depths of depression and meant every word!  She also is a firm believer that a little more lipstick can cure anything.  Flame doesn’t leave the house without her face done and hair fixed.  Not sure how I managed it, but I don’t wear any now and I swear it breaks her heart just a little bit every time she sees me without paint.

Reading this, I can hear my Texas accent coming out in every sentence.  And my mama raised me right by the great state.  I do know how to wear the makeup and fix my hair up big.  Back when I was dumb enough to smoke, she realized she couldn’t force me to quit~ but she could tell me the rules:  A lady never smokes on the street.  So while I rebelled against a lot and was generally a pain for many years, I didn’t smoke on the street, though I never got why it made a difference.

There are more Momisms, but many fall into the more makeup for a better life family.  Mama says when you are really down in spirit just take yourself off to the mall and stand at the entryway and breathe.  She is convinced they put special pheromones in the blowers at the doors to give you a boost and make you feel better about life.  I’m pretty sure its the proximity of the makeup counter but you never can tell!


~ by Kim on May 10, 2011.

3 Responses to “Mama knows best.”

  1. What a fun read! Flame sounds like a very interesting character 🙂

  2. What a nice tribute to your mom. I could hear the comments in her voice. I’m off to put on some lipstick!

  3. It looks like your clock is on GMT!

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