A Fresh Leaf

Ahhhh..  Beginnings:  A fresh sheet of paper on the doodle pad.  A bed newly made with crisp clean cool sheets.  A letter from a friend still sealed in the envelope.  A clean house.  A laundry basket full of socks and underwear waiting to be put away.  A little dog just groomed and still smelling sweet.  These are some beautiful things!

I believe I am going to take this moment to make a new beginning for myself.  Maybe make some goals and work out how to best and easiest achieve them?  I recently achieved a goal that I didnt have much control over but it finally happened and I feel as though there is a whole brand new world out there waiting to be seen or met or something.  Not conquered, mind you.  I wouldnt begin to have the energy for that.  But I do have a few smaller goals that I think hubby & I can accomplish.

We were supposed to be working on cleaning the bedroom today.  Er, how did we end up here at the library again?  Hmmm, must have been avoiding the bedroom!  I did get rid of some things out of the front room this week ~ friend had a birthday party on Saturday that I had been gathering stuff for and its all out of my house now!  There’s a baby shower coming up that should clean off the rest of my table then I will be able to sort through the ‘pile’ in my craft room.  “Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful,” said William Morris. Hmmm…. now that might apply to the pack rat mentality that we seem to have going on – something must!

But the computer is in this room – and I am wanting to be able to use it.  Currently I cant GET to it!  So part of my new beginning is to let go of past failures and challenges and move on to the next step.  And if I happen to find a few of those other new beginnings on the way?  Well, those can be part of my reward!  Hmmmm crisp new sheets!!  Cant wait to dive in & then blog all about it!


~ by Kim on May 22, 2011.

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