Today I am grateful for forgiveness. It is a rare gem, it cannot be demanded – only gifted. When I open my heart and look inside at the grudges and slights I hold, I see they only bring me negativity and unhappiness.

This is harder to do than I thought, but I want to commit to this. I forgive. I release anyone in my life from the past. I am releasing all those unpaid debts I’ve harbored agai

nst others. All who wronged me in the past, I forgive them today. I’ve felt cheated or ill-treated by others, I now am releasing all of that from my spirit and moving forward.

There are some who I felt slighted me, whether they truly did or not, I have held that resentment. I now give that up. I am not going to grab at the strings of past pain, I am letting go.

I forgive every person who has been in my life or affected it in any way. I forgive the living and the dead. I forgive everything from the smallest of offenses to the greatest harm to me and mine. I release you and yours from any real or perceived mistake, accident or intention.

Alright, I have read through this, and I do want to clarify something. I am guilty of wronging others, sometimes intentionally and some by mistake. I do not trade my forgiveness. I give it freely with no agenda other than stated here. To those I have wronged in deed or thought, I encourage you to let me know? I would appreciate the chance to ask for your forgiveness, but please do not feel burdened to give it.

I find that there is one person in my thoughts who I am having a hard time forgiving. I did not want to include this person, yet I am going to. This person I will forgive of all sins committed against myself. I forgive all the people in my past and I release them from any history best forgotten. I ask for no apology or regret.

To that most difficult person, I do say I forgive myself. I release myself from past burden to me. I will stop beating myself up for my past choices and actions that have harmed me. I will acknowledge that those same actions have brought me to where I am today, and I have a good life.

 I’m trying to be very honest with myself, to make sure I can really let go? I found that I am being very careful with my wording – I just rewrote a big part of this to be more concise and also encompass more in what and who I am forgiving.

Please know this is not a guilt-free pass for me. I release everyone from sins to me and mine, I release myself from those that affected me.


~ by Kim on November 26, 2012.

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