Current Status: Hope

So I saw the liver doctor last week. I’ve been taking some time to process all the information he gave me. He was very informative, I like him, he’s clever. He made sure that I was correctly informed and he cleared up a lot of misconceptions,  bad information, and overall data.

This specialist spent almost an hour and a half talking with me and my mom.  I was amazed, I kept expecting him to walk out saying he’d be right back and not see him for an hour or so. However he really took the time with us, listened to my concerns and my plans, and he gave me hope.

He agreed with my plan for the gastric sleeve, saying the benefits outweigh the risks.  He also told me Tylenol is not the devil, which seems to be a sore point with some doctors.  Sadly, he agreed with the rest of the medical field about margaritas, they aren’t in my future if I want a future!

The real information is this: if I can make the changes I need, lose the weight and eat healthy? Patients with my type of liver issues have an 80% chance to live another ten years.

He didn’t express a lot of hope for regeneration of my liver, it could happen, but looking at my age and issues it’s not likely. However with the amount of liver that I have left, and making the right choices, my liver can sustain me for some time.  An 80 percent chance of ten years is a lot better than one to three years!

I am still processing, and I have a journey ahead of me.   But the Doctor gave me hope, and I didn’t feel he was just ‘shining me on’ as my friend Kimmie used to say.  He wants me to have the data to make good choices.  Now I have three doctors appointments to get cleared for surgery and then it’s the next step.

I appreciate the support and concern and the love that so many have shown me.   Thank you.


~ by Kim on September 21, 2015.

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