This is a place to unravel the thoughts in my brain, life and general neighborhood.

Im planning on chattering about food, crafting, popular culture (my survivor theory!!!), mermaid love (that’s a BIGGIE!), book reviews? Maybe some TV/movie reviews?  Oh yes – addiction to facebook games – that’s a MUST.  Pets, spoon theory, baby showers, medical hokum, bureaucracy, weird words like bureaucracy, identity without career, oh there are so many things I want to chatter about!!

Oh, a note of caution – I am an exclamation pointer.  Sad but true – and I tend to write as I speak these things in my head, so be warned..  Well, I speak them in my head or the voices do…..   creepy or funny?  hmm on the border there.

I have to thank my dear Vi for inspiring me with the Sarah the cat blog ~ http://www.sarahthecatblog.com/ This showed me that if a cat like Sarah can write a blog there may be some small chance for me 🙂

Also to friend Emma who displayed amazing follow through and did what she said she would do!  Errrr, that’s not always the case for me – I have great ideas but not a lot of finished ones!  Truly though, Emma sent me the email she mentioned last night and here I am 12 hours later actually doing it!  WHOO~HOO!!!!

I will try to entertain, enlighten, and unravel what I can, I hope that you enjoy the trip and come back and visit soon!



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